Nutmeg Farm was established in early 1980´s by Tim & Lynnette Milleville, as the first all breed herding facility in New England. It is located in Portland Connecticut. Lynnette Milleville has studied with several of the top herding competitors in Great Britain and Europe. Because of this, many different herding breeds have come through our training facility. We take an international approach to training herding dogs. We teach using methods developed in Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Central Europe. In 2011, we changed our name to the International Training Center at Nutmeg Farm to reflect the international influences in our mindset and training method. We do not take a "one method"approach to training. Our methods take into concideration the historical work and livestock each breed of herding dog was created to work.

The first American Kennel Club herding clinic was held here in November 1990. Several herding clubs had their beginnings here including the North East Stock Dog Association and the American Tending Breeds Association. Tim and Lynnette have traveled throughout the United States, Canada and Europe competing, judging and giving clinics and seminars. Lynnette worked closely with the late Lois Russell to develop the A.K.C. herding program.

It is our desire to build this facility into the premier dog sport center of New England providing an education and competitions on site.

Updates from Nutmeg Farm

The weather has not been cooperating lately, so work has slowed down. But we have finished the holding pens for the arena trials. We held our first ASCA herding competition, in June. Everyone had a good time, including the dogs playing and cooling off in Bosco's Pond.

We just broke ground on the next phase of the property to fence in a C-Course area. Fencing will be the main focus for the next few months around the property.


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